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Magma Firestop SG2

Provides effective protection against fire for thatched roofs
(external prevention)
Product description
Magma Firestop SG2 solves the danger of fire commonly associated with thatch, by greatly reducing its combustiblity. In fact so much so, that the chances of fire resulting from flying embers, an important cause of thatch fires, are now almost the same as with a tile roof.
Product features
   - achieved an AA rating in the U.K., the highest rating ever achieved by a fire retardant designed for thatch
   - due to a special coating ingredient treatment with Magma Firestop SG2 is water proof and will last many years
   - suitable for both open and closed thatch roof constructions
   - inhibits the formation of moss and dirt on thatch
   - causes no adverse effects on the properties of thatch and is colourless when dried
Conformity with international standards
Magma Firestop SG2 has been successfully tested, achieving certification under the NEN 6063 in The Netherlands, DIN 4102/7 in Germany, and also BS 476 part 3 in the U.K. where it achieved an AA rating. In the British test, Magma Firestop SG2 achieved both the highest rating A for its spread of flame credentials and in the penetration assessment.
Special information
   - Magma Firestop SG2 is easily applied by professional thatchers or other professionals using standard spray equipment with no need to erect expensive scaffolding
   - treatment with Magma Firestop SG2 gives right to a certificate of treatment, a written guarantee of proper treatment
   - treatment often results in lower insurance premiums; in The Netherlands, Belgium and the U.K. insurance companies have developed specialised insurance policies for thatched houses which have been treated


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