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Magma Roofclean

Easily and effectively cleans thatch and restores its original colour
Product description
Magma Roofclean was formulated to provide an easy and effective way of removing dirt, grease and moss from thatch to restore its original beauty. Magma Roofclean also restores the original colour of thatch.
Product features
   - the cleaning ingredients of the product have a strong preventive after-effect
   - non toxic and environmentally friendly
   - causes no adverse effects on the properties of thatch
Special information
   - Magma Roofclean is easily applied by professional thatchers or other professionals using standard spray equipment with no need to erect expensive scaffolding
   - because scraping is not usually necessary in the cleaning process damage to the roof is avoided. Also, the cleaning process can be achieved quickly and efficiently without the disruption previously associated with cleaning a thatch roof


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