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Patent reed

A modern roof cover Patent Reed will bring the natural charm of nature to your roof.

The different roof forms demand a special procedure in the manufacture of Patent Reed, and the resolution to create the corresponding structure of surface to make the reed natural looking, demanded the ultimate manufacture of Patent Reed as a flexible mat. Combined with strict quality control, this resulted in a minimum durability of 30 years. Complete bleaching does not occur, so that the change in color in the course of the years correspondends to the natural patina of reed.
A lead-trough in the roof

The processing system of Patent Reed is standing out for its easiness. The grounding consists of a complete sheeting in steampermeable PE foil V13 to wich the Patent Reed is fxed by nirosta cramps, nails or screws. Lead-troughs in the roof, as are necessary for the ventilation of bathrooms for instance, dormer windows and incisions in the roof of different kinds do not present a problem, as Patent Reed follows the form af the roof and corresponds to natural reed in its procession. A by far quicker thatching of the roof with Patent Reed adds to ths, as it is rolled out in 'webs' and thus the work of thatching a complete roof can be done in one day.

Patent Reed and your house insurance

Patent Reed meets the fire risk standards after DIN 4102 part 7. The basic material is certified by the State Office for material testing, this means for you that the fire insurance for Patent Reed for instance is calculated as if the roof was thatched with roofing slate.

Nostalgia versus fire risk

A reed roof airs the kind of nostalgia wich also demands for an open fireplace. Unfortunately the cozy atmosphere at the fireplase ande the use of natural reed are not a permissable match given by the official provisions on the prevention of fires, so that our Patent Reed now gives free reign to your nostalgia.

The advantages of Patent Reed in comparison to the natural product.

A quick wind- and waterproof insulation is already gven during installation by a V13 sealing.
The Physical fatigue of material because of different weather conditions does not occur, so that the durability as to the conventional roof cover is guaranteed anyway.
Damage caused by storm, wich entails a reparation of the roofcover if thatched with roofing slate, hardly ever occurs, not does a passer-by get hurt by falling tiles.
The negative influence that the common reed cover has on the living climate because of its furtherance of draught and dustm, practically does not exist anymore. Therefore it is also possible to build rooms into the attic.
Damages caused by mould and decay because of moss and algea will not occur, as it is not a fertile ground.
Does not cause allergies and is free of bacteria.
The cost-intensive, regular maintenance of a natural reed roof can be waived if Patent Reed is used and possible damage caused by a storm can be removed quickly and easily.
Patent Reed is walkable.
Situations involving a high risk of fire, caused by flying sparks from an open fireplace, are outruled. So the surcharge on the fire insurance, wich normally falls due for owner and neighbours, doe snot arise.
In combination with the roof construction, Scandinavian standards concerning thermal insulation are reached.


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